Strawberry Campaign Terms and conditions

 Publish date: 22 May 2017

“When life gives you lemons, add strawberries!”  PRIZE COMPETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS 


Part I: Terms and Conditions of the campaign and organizer


1.1. The Organizer of the promotional campaign “When life gives you a lemon, sweeten it with strawberry!” is the representative of Sc Emma Salad Srl, Str. Fântânelenr. 34/36, Cluj-Napoca, company registry No. J12/1652/2011, tax ID RO28677955, Bank BCR România, bank account No. RO09RNCB0106142744780001. Doroteea Isai, managing director, hereinafter: the Organizer. 

The manager of the campaign in Hungary is Salad Box Franchise Magyarország Kft., seat: 1062 Budapest, Teréz körút 55-57. B. ép.-1, tax ID: 25875362-2-42, The participants of the campaign shall follow the Terms and Conditions. 


1.2. In accordance with the legal regulations, the Terms and Conditions shall be published in the website of Salad Box ( 


1.3. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions; these modifications become effective following their publication in the website of the company, as Appendices of the Terms and Conditions ( 


Part II: Process of participation


2.1/Following the purchase of the product promoted in the campaign (strawberry lemonade) the participant shall register in the website, and enter the required data and the details of the receipt (receipt number, date, store). In this order: receipt number/date/store. As store the participant shall give the name of the store where they purchased the strawberry lemonade: Debrecen, Eiffel tér, Duna Plaza, Auchan Budaörs, Auchan Törökbálint, Pólus Center, Campona, Fővám tér, Auchan Dunakeszi.

Other option to participate: the participant uploads a favourite picture taken at a Salad Box store in Hungary with #saladboxhungary to their own Instagram profile.

The two options of participation do not exclude each other.


2.2. The Organizer shall not be responsible for the given personal details of the participants (name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) 


2.3. The winners shall be drawn by the random winner generator, and the list of winners shall be published in our Facebook and Instagram page, and website (


2.4. The prize expires if the winner cannot be contacted within 48 hours via phone or e-mail, or refuses the prize. In this case the next person in the winner generator shall be contacted.


2.5. The prize shall be taken over at a place and time defined by the Organizer within 20 calendar days from compiling a protocol and publishing the winner.


2.6. The prizes shall not be substituted with other prizes or cash. 



Part III: The duration of the competition

3.1. The prize competition “When life gives you a lemon, sweeten it with strawberry!” takes place between 23rd of May 2017 and 31st August 2017.

3.2 Registration is open in the website from 23 May 2017, 10 a.m. to 31 August 2017, 11:59 p.m. ( The images uploaded to Instagram with #saladboxhungary are valid from 23 May 2017, 10 a.m. to 31 August 2017, 11:59 p.m.


Part IV: Participation right 

4.1. Any Hungarian or foreign person, who is 18 years of age at the start of the campaign, with a permanent or temporary place of residence in Hungary may register.

4.2. The following persons shall NOT participate in the prize competition: 

  1. employees of the Organizer company (persons providing services to the Organizer at the seat of the company, any site, warehouse or any other property/location where the company conducts business),
  2. relatives of the above mentioned persons (children, parents, spouses, siblings),
  3. persons under the age of 18 (who have not turned 18 before the start of the campaign).


Part V: The prizes and their value 

The following prizes are available in the campaign: 

  • Main prize: A wellness weekend for two persons, from among all participants of the competition.
    Value: ca. HUF 200,000


  • Monthly prizes: A weekly Salad Box gift voucher for one person.

Two gift vouchers shall be distributed every month, one among participants registered in the website, and one to the person whose picture uploaded to Instagram with #saladboxhungary receives the highest number of likes.

Total value: ca. HUF 80,000


Part VI: Legislation on the protection of personal data 


6.1. By these Terms and Conditions the Organizer commits itself to comply with the regulations of Act CXII/2011 on rights to informational self-determination and freedom of information, treating personal data as confidential, except for cases when other legal obligations apply. 

  1. The objectives of the database: identifying and registering winners, transfer of prizes, compiling statistical reports, notifying participants of future campaigns.
    • This privacy provisions are based on Act CXII/2011 on rights to informational self-determination and freedom of information, and on Act IV/1998 on protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data in line with the Convention for the Protection of Individuals, Strasbourg, 28 January 1981.
    • The purpose of this data protection policy is to ensure the protection of human rights and respect for fundamental freedoms, especially the right to privacy in automatic processing of personal data (data protection) are guaranteed in every field of service, regardless of nationality or place of residence.
    • Data provision by the participant is voluntary when registering and filling the data sheet in the website.
    • For successful registration the following data is required: (Attention! The expression ‘required’ does not implicate obligation, but it means that without filling certain fields the registration is not successful, therefore leaving them empty or entering incorrect data results in unsuccessful registration.) – personal data: Name, e-mail address, phone number.
    • Data management: by the Organizer
    • The data manager does not involve a data processor.
    • The objectives of the data management: identifying and registering winners, transfer of prizes, compiling statistical reports, notifying participants of future campaigns.
    • The range of data managed: personal data provided in the registration process and afterwards in the website.
    • Privacy consent: The participants give their explicit consent to the management of the above data, and they confirm it. With the registration required for using the service and the privacy consent described in this section, the participants consent to the necessary level of data management by the Organizer.

The participants consent that the data manager may involve a data processor in the future without substantive change to the data management; the participant shall be notified of such. 

The participants consent that the Data Manager sends notification e-mails periodically about new services, special offers, campaigns, etc. If the participant does not wish to receive such notifications, they can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to the Organizer. 

  • Duration of the data management: from registration to deletion of data. Participant data are managed until the closing of the prize competition; after that the data are preserved and managed only for notification purposes about new campaigns. If the participant does not wish to receive further notifications, the right to manage data shall be terminated on the declaration by the participant.
  • After the closing of the prize competition, the company shall preserve the personal data of the winners in the accounting data for a period required by regulations and if it complies with the above mentioned data protection requirements.
  • By participating in the prize competition “When life gives you lemons, add strawberries!” the winners consent that their name and city may be published in media.


Part VII: Prize competition closed before end date

7.1. The prize competition may close before the predefined end date in the case of vis maior, or the Organizer cannot continue it for reasons beyond its control, or the Organizer decides so.

7.2. The events mentioned in section 7 have been reviewed by the relevant authorities.

7.3. If sections 7.1 and 7.2 apply, the Organizer shall not be liable for money repayment or any compensation to a participant. If the prize competition is closed before the end date, a notification shall be published in the website (

7.4. The Organizer reserves the right to close the prize competition before the end date defined in Part III, section 3.1 (19 August 2017) even if it is not possible to continue due to objective reasons, beyond the control of the Organizer.

Part VIII: Applicable law and jurisdiction

8.1. The parties involved in the prize competition, on the one hand the Organizer, and the participant on the other shall agree that they attempt to settle any dispute amicably; if no such resolution is possible, they shall refer to the competent court at the established seat of the Organizer. 

8.2. Any arising dispute shall be governed by the Hungarian law.


Part VII: Complaints 

The participants may send any comments or complaints electronically to the following e-mail address:



 The Terms and Conditions comply with the applicable legal regulations. 

The Organizer, 

Salad Box Franchise Magyarország Kft.